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When To Use A Custody Lawyer

Simpson Law Group specializes in estate and family law in St Thomas. There are different reasons to go with family law St Thomas. Divorce cases are the most common in today's society, but that is not the only case that family attorneys handle. There are battles in family estates when a family member passes away. We have all heard the saying, "When someone dies, the claws come out." It is the truth and can get pretty ugly with everyone fighting over who gets what in the estate. A family attorney will always follow the will of the deceased. This way, there are no disputes, and everything is split legally. Family law is there to protect all family members' rights, and it is essential to know when to get an attorney involved. Most give free consultation, so it is always best to have one ready before an incident occurs.

One of the biggest battles in a courtroom is custody of children in a divorce or separation case. Those are the most heartbreaking cases because, somehow, the child is always the one who is in the middle. Someone has to have custody of the child, and support has to come from both parents, either morally, financially, or both. A custody lawyer is the only way to get legal justice for the child, who is the most important. In many cases, the judge will go by who is most fit to be the domicile parent. It is rare, but there are some cases where an agreement comes into play, and the case stays out of court, but a custody lawyer still does the paperwork. Sometimes the judge will consider if the child is old enough who they want to live with and go by their decision if the parent is fit. It is up to a custody lawyer to prove the case.

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