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Divorce & Separations

When children are involved in a separation or divorce, creating a workable parenting plan is often the more stressful issue for spouses and their children. We understand that and work with you to develop a plan that works for you and reflects the best interests of your children.

The payment and receipt of child support may seem like a straightforward calculation because of the Child Support Guidelines. There are, however, many nuances and influencing factors which may require legal advice in order to ensure you are paying or receiving the appropriate amount.

Both married and unmarried spouses can have support obligations to and entitlements from the other spouse. We have many years of experience negotiating and litigating these issues and understand the factors which drive these calculations. 

Both married and unmarried spouses may acquire property rights and obligations upon separation. There are, however, many exceptions, deductions and exclusions to these calculations, which make it necessary to ensure you have proper legal support before making agreements with respect to them.


Every adult should have a Will to ensure that their personal wishes and plans are carried out upon their death. We can help you, with both straightforward and complex estate planning, to develop a plan which ensures your wishes prevail and that your intended legacy is followed.

Powers of Attorney allow you to designate a person or people to make personal and financial decisions for you in the event you are incapable. These Powers of Attorney can also be activated if you simply become unavailable to make important decisions for yourself at any time.

Often children, spouses and others end up disputing the “true wishes” and obligations of a deceased person. These are often emotionally charged disputes that require not only expert legal advice, but an understanding of the emotions and expectations of the family members involved.

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