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A Reputable Divorce Lawyer St. Thomas

At Simpson Law Group, where we cover family and estate law, our divorce lawyer St. Thomas, handles all the issues inside a divorce case. Divorce is never easy, especially when the cases involve children. The first issue we look at is always making sure the children are safe and sound. Parenting planning is the most stressful between children and parents. Having the children's best interests at heart is first and foremost. Our law firm has designed a plan to help the parents get the best opportunities for the kids during and after the divorce settlements. The number one issue is child support. To those who have to pay child support, they should be paying the appropriate amount to the domicile parent. There are brackets in the Child Support Guidelines, and they must get met. Spousal support would be the next issue. This is known as alimony. Lastly, everything must get divided equally. This falls under community property.

In most cases, there is a time of separation that must get reached. Many locations have it set for six months of separation without children and 365 days or one year if children are involved. Consulting a separation lawyer is an ideal way to go about the plans of splitting up. This way, everyone knows their rights and are protected from getting cheated out of the property or financial means. Parenting, spousal support, child support, and community property are the hot topics to discuss when the decision of separation comes into play. Some couples never marry but eventually separate. These cases play out the same as though the couple was married, especially when children are involved. Sometimes special agreements are made before the couple lives together. All of these things are taken into consideration and looked at carefully. Everything goes by the law.

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