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Where compassion

meets the perfect balance of

strength and tact

Experienced in
Our Field

With over 18+ years of practicing law, we know what we're doing.  We are experienced in all counties in Southwestern Ontario and regularly practice outside of the St. Thomas area.

We Plan Several

Steps Ahead

Our key is not just rooted in creative problem-solving. We take several measures to plan ahead to stay on top of the opposition every step of the way.

We Execute with


Our word is our bond. You're not just a court case to us- we are genuinely invested in helping you move forward towards a new normal. We understand the fears and fragility that comes with our clients.

Strategic Advantages

Emotional Intelligence

With high levels of emotional intelligence, we are able to manage opposing lawyers and their clients to negotiate with tact.

We Really

We truly understand what you're going through (we've personally been through it too). We're aware the answer is in listening. Your priorities are heard and pursued.

Our Reputation

We have a great reputation among judges and other lawyers for our level of integrity and ability to problem solve. This goes a long way to help your case.


We have an in-depth understanding of the modern agricultural world which is a tremendous asset to our clients in the St. Thomas community.

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