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The Importance of an Estate Lawyer and Power of Attorney

When meeting with an estate lawyer, everything gets explained about the legal matters of properties, children, and the power of attorneys. It is up to the person or couple writing the will how things get divided. After consulting with the estate lawyer, everyone understands what will happen at the time of death. Everything is in hopes of keeping the peace between the family members left behind. It does not always work out that way because somebody will still feel they are more entitled than others. It is human nature. However, with the system designed the way it is for estate litigation, the law is written in stone to protect. The only way to understand everything in the law of what an estate entails is to have an estate lawyer walk the person or couple through the legal steps. It will save time and trouble for all the parties involved.

A power of attorney should be there for the person incapable of handling important decisions and finances. Sometimes signatures are needed, and the person is unable to sign due to illness or close to death. In some cases, the person may be paralyzed or in a coma. In these situations, a power of attorney should be someone trusted to handle the person's assets. Once the person passes away, the rights of a power of attorney die with them. They no longer have control of the person's estate or assets. The will then takes effect, and the estate lawyer has full control over the legal rights. As long as the person is still alive a power of attorney is in charge of paying the bills, handling the bank accounts, life insurance, and carrying all the financial burdens of the sick or dying person. There can be more than one chosen.

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